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SkillShift Innovation Training Program:

Discover SkillShift at Innovate Academy: A transformative 6-month journey into innovation consulting. This fully-remote program blends practical training with real-world application, equipping you with key business and technology skills. 


'SkillShift' goes beyond being a program; it acts as a catalyst and launchpad for nurturing innovation leaders. Participants are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and network to actively shape diverse industries, driving change and progress. The program ensures a dynamic, immersive learning atmosphere, fostering collaboration, creativity, and real-world application.

A Global Network of Innovators & Freelancers

Program Overview:

A 6-month Experiencial Learning and Mentoring Program. Dive into our immersive training and coaching designed for diverse backgrounds, fostering skills in innovation, technology, and business.

What We Offer:

The SkillShift training program is a comprehensive, hands-on, project-based learning experience designed for a diverse, multicultural group of trainees.

It consists of five modules:

  1. Introduction and Foundations:
    Focusing on essential knowledge and skills in innovation.

  2. Core Subjects/Projects:
    In-depth exploration of various innovative domains with hands-on projects.

  3. Preliminary Results Presentations:
    Teams present initial results, emphasizing innovation and collaboration.

  4. Advanced Skills and Professional Development:
    Specialization and career preparation for innovation consulting.

  5. Program Closure and Graduation: Showcasing achievements and future pathways in innovation consulting.


Program Activities:

Engage in diverse, practical projects across multiple disciplines, attend thematic webinars, and participate in a robust social media campaign. Benefit from ongoing mentorship, skill assessments, and team collaboration.

Admission Criteria:

  • Educational Background: A bachelor’s degree or equivalent in business, Engineering, Computer Science, Technology and Innovation Management, Sustainable Development, Ecodesign, or similar.

  • Work Experience: Minimum of two years of professional experience in business, engineering, technology, innovation, science or related sectors.

  • Language Proficiency: Proficiency in English (both written and spoken).

  • Soft Skills: Good communication and interpersonal skills demonstrated through previous achievements.

  • Technical Skills: Good understanding of digital tools and platforms, and ability to learn and work remotely on various projects using productivity and collaboration tools such as Google Workspace for virtual teams.

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Demonstrated ability to think critically and solve complex problems, as indicated through past projects or roles.

  • Commitment: Ability to commit to the full duration of the program, including all modules and collaborative projects.

  • A Personalized Motivation Letter: Submission of a motivation letter explaining the candidate's interest in the program and how they envision applying the learned skills.

How to Apply:

Submit your application via our website, including essential details and your motivation for joining SkillShift. You will find the application form at the end of this page.

Innovate, Cooperate, and Make Impact - Join SkillShift !

SkillShift Program Benefits:

  • Real-World Skills:
    Gain hands-on experience in innovation and technology.

  • Career Readiness:
    Develop skills crucial for the evolving job market.


  • Global Networking:
    Connect with a diverse, international community.


  • Professional Mentorship:
    Learn from industry leaders and entrepreneurship mentors.


  • Versatility:
    Become adaptable in various business environments.


  • Innovation Leadership:
    Cultivate leadership and design-thinking skills for innovation management.


  • Market-Ready Knowledge:
    Stay ahead with the latest industry insights.


SkillShift sharpens your innovation leadership, key for today's evolving job market. Embracing this program means becoming a leader who not only understands but drives change using advanced tools and strategies. It's about becoming a strategic visionary, ready to influence and shape future technologies. 

Become an Innovation Leader - Enroll in SkillShift!


Program Activities (Upcoming start: July 15, 2024)

SkillShift program activities include:

  • Interactive Modules: Focused on core subjects like innovation management and sustainability.

  • Practical Hands-on Projects: Real-world project work in diverse innovation areas and project-based learning with coaches.

  • Team Collaboration: Encouraging teamwork and cooperative problem-solving.

  • Professional Workshops: Enhancing skills in client management, leadership, and more.

  • Mentorship and Feedback: Regular guidance from industry experts.

  • Social Media Campaign: Participation in a vibrant online community.

  • Networking Events: Connections with businesses and organizations.

  • Skill Assessments: Continuous evaluation for personal growth.

Program Flyer


Beyond SkillShift

After completing the SkillShift program, the benefits extend beyond the training, offering:

  1. Network Integration:
    Join the Innovate Academy Freelance Network, connecting with a diverse professional community.


  2. Real-world Projects:
    Opportunities to work on paid projects with Innovate Academy and InnoBel Talent clients.


  3. Continuous Learning:
    Access to alumni meetups, webinars, and ongoing educational opportunities.


  4. Event Invitations:
    Invitations to industry events, enhancing professional development and networking.


  5. Career Advancement:
    The program serves as a launchpad for a career in innovation consulting, opening doors to various opportunities in the field.


These benefits provide a solid foundation for a thriving career in innovation and technology.

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