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Leadership Development

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Innovative Leadership Challenge: Duration: 2-day intensive program (8 Hours) Audience: Managers, team leaders, and professionals seeking to develop their innovative leadership skills and drive organizational success. Day 1: Module 1: Introduction to Innovative Leadership • Understanding the role of innovative leadership in driving organizational success • Exploring the key traits and characteristics of innovative leaders • Assessing personal leadership style and identifying areas for improvement Module 2: Creating a Culture of Innovation • Fostering a culture that encourages creativity and innovation • Developing strategies to promote a growth mindset and embrace change • Building an environment that supports experimentation and learning from failures Module 3: Design Thinking for Innovation • Introducing design thinking principles and methodologies • Applying design thinking techniques to solve complex problems • Stimulating creativity and ideation through a human-centered approach Module 4: Leading Innovative Teams • Strategies for building and leading diverse and high-performing teams • Enhancing team collaboration and leveraging collective intelligence • Empowering team members to contribute innovative ideas and initiatives Day 2: Module 5: Agile Leadership for Rapid Adaptation • Understanding agile leadership principles and practices • Applying agile methodologies to navigate uncertainty and drive innovation • Leading teams through rapid iterations and continuous improvement Module 6: Change Management and Innovation Implementation • Managing and facilitating change to drive innovation initiatives • Overcoming resistance to change and fostering a culture of acceptance • Implementing innovative ideas and tracking progress through effective project management Module 7: Risk-Taking and Decision-Making • Developing skills to assess and manage risks in innovative endeavors • Enhancing decision-making capabilities in complex and uncertain environments • Balancing risk and reward to make informed and innovative choices Module 8: Inspiring and Communicating Innovation • Techniques for inspiring and motivating individuals and teams toward innovation • Communicating the vision and value of innovative initiatives • Utilizing storytelling and persuasive communication to inspire action Throughout the Course: • Engaging workshops, group discussions, and interactive exercises • Real-world case studies of successful innovation

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Plantin en Moretuslei, Antwerp, Belgium

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