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Innovation Leadership

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Service Description

Program Duration: 5 days (full-time) Learning Outcomes: • Develop an understanding of the role of leadership in driving innovation. • Learn techniques for fostering innovative thinking and creativity. • Acquire skills for managing innovation teams and projects. • Create an innovation-friendly environment within the organization. • Develop strategies for overcoming challenges and resistance to innovation. • Learn beachhead market analysis, persona analysis, product development, and pitching ideas to investors. Course Outline: Day 1: Introduction to Innovation Leadership • Understanding the importance of innovation leadership in driving organizational success • Characteristics of successful innovation leaders • Creating a vision and fostering a culture of innovation within the organization • The role of leadership in promoting innovative thinking and creativity Day 2: Managing Innovation Teams and Projects • Strategies for building and managing high-performing innovation teams • Effective communication and collaboration in an innovation-driven environment • Techniques for generating and evaluating innovative ideas • Design thinking and other innovation methodologies • Overcoming challenges and resistance to innovation Day 3: Beachhead Market Analysis • Understanding the concept of a beachhead market and its importance in innovation • Conducting market research and analysis to identify potential beachhead markets • Analyzing market dynamics, customer needs, and competition • Developing strategies for entering and dominating a beachhead market Day 4: Persona Analysis and Product Development • Understanding the importance of persona analysis in product development • Identifying and creating customer personas to guide product design and innovation • Applying user-centered design principles to develop innovative products • Iterative product development process and prototyping techniques Day 5: Pitching Ideas to Investors • Crafting a compelling pitch to attract investors and stakeholders • Presenting ideas and innovations effectively to capture interest and secure support • Addressing investor concerns and objections • Negotiating funding and partnership agreements Note: The course outline and contents can be customized to suit the specific needs and requirements of the participants and the organization. This extended program on "Innovation Leadership" is designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of leadership's role in innovation.

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  • Plantin en Moretuslei, Antwerp, Belgium

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