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Digital Transformation Strategy

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Service Description

Duration: 4 days (full-time) Learning Outcomes: • Develop a deep understanding of digital transformation strategies and frameworks. • Identify digital opportunities and challenges within your organization. • Develop an actionable digital transformation roadmap. • Implement effective change management strategies for successful digital transformation. Day 1: Module 1: Introduction to Digital Transformation • Understanding the concept of digital transformation and its impact on organizations • Exploring the key drivers and trends shaping digital transformation • Assessing the need for digital transformation within your organization Module 2: Digital Maturity Assessment • Evaluating your organization's current digital capabilities and maturity level • Conducting a gap analysis to identify areas for improvement and growth • Setting benchmarks and KPIs to measure digital transformation progress Module 3: Digital Transformation Frameworks and Strategies • Exploring different frameworks and models for digital transformation • Understanding the various strategies and approaches for successful digital transformation • Analyzing case studies of organizations that have undergone successful digital transformations Day 2: Module 4: Identifying Digital Opportunities and Challenges • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of digital opportunities and challenges in your organization • Identifying potential areas for digital innovation and disruption • Understanding the competitive landscape and emerging digital trends Module 5: Developing a Digital Transformation Roadmap • Creating a strategic vision for digital transformation aligned with organizational goals • Defining clear objectives, milestones, and timelines for the transformation journey • Prioritizing digital initiatives based on their impact and feasibility Day 3: Module 6: Change Management in Digital Transformation • Understanding the importance of change management in digital transformation • Identifying stakeholders and building a change management team • Developing effective communication and engagement strategies to drive adoption Module 7: Building Digital Capabilities • Assessing the skills and talent required for digital transformation • Designing training and development programs to upskill employees • Creating a culture of digital innovation and continuous learning Day 4: Module 8: Implementing and Monitoring Digital Transformation

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  • Plantin en Moretuslei, Antwerp, Belgium

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