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Innovation Strategy and Management

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Service Description

Program Duration: 3 days Learning Outcomes: • Develop a deep understanding of innovation concepts, theories, and frameworks. • Learn how to formulate an effective innovation strategy aligned with organizational goals. • Gain insights into managing the innovation process, from idea generation to commercialization. • Understand the role of leadership in fostering an innovative culture and managing change. • Acquire practical tools and techniques for managing innovation projects and teams. • Explore best practices in open innovation, collaboration, and intellectual property management. • Learn how to measure and evaluate the impact of innovation initiatives. Course Outline: Day 1: Introduction to Innovation Strategy • Overview of innovation and its importance in the modern business landscape • Understanding different types of innovation: product, process, business model, etc. • Developing an innovation strategy aligned with organizational goals and objectives • Assessing internal and external factors influencing innovation Day 2: Managing the Innovation Process • Idea generation and opportunity identification techniques • Evaluating and selecting ideas for further development • Design thinking and human-centered design principles • Managing the innovation pipeline and portfolio • Commercialization and bringing innovations to market Day 3: Leading and Sustaining Innovation • The role of leadership in fostering an innovative culture • Managing change and overcoming resistance to innovation • Building and leading high-performing innovation teams • Best practices in open innovation and collaboration • Intellectual property management and protecting innovations Day 4: Measuring and Evaluating Innovation • Key metrics and indicators for measuring innovation performance • Evaluating the effectiveness of innovation initiatives • Using data and analytics to track and monitor innovation outcomes • Learning from failures and adapting innovation strategies • Continuous improvement and learning from best practices This training on "Innovation Strategy and Management" provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of innovation concepts, strategies, and practical tools for managing innovation within organizations.

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Plantin en Moretuslei, Antwerp, Belgium

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