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Asana Case Study: Digital Health Solution Development - SkillShift Innovation Program

Updated: Feb 17

In a dynamic era of digital transformation, one of the projects at Innovate Academy is embarking on a groundbreaking innovative digital solution, shaping the future of healthcare in Europe. As a practical exercise, the trainees of SkillShift Innovation program are set to undergo a hands-on exercise on Asana, diving deep into the intricacies of developing a Digital Health Solution.

This full project is a practical exploration that encompasses market research, interviews with targeted personas in Europe, insights from experts in digital healthcare across Asia, and the creation of an innovative solution tailored for the European market. This article explains the context of the project to give the trainees a background about the Asana exercise to be working on during the current week and to be discussed on Saturday, February 3, 2024, during the program interactive sessions.

Project Background

As Innovate Academy delves into the intricacies of digital healthcare ecosystems, our focus extends beyond European boundaries to explore the dynamic landscapes of emerging platforms in Asia. Our investigation is particularly honed in on key entities shaping the digital healthcare scene in China, such as Alihealth, Ping An's Good Doctor, Tencent's WeDoctor, and JD Health. Concurrently, we are attuned to analogous initiatives making waves in other Asian countries, including Prato, 1MG, Halodoc, and Alodokter in India and Indonesia.

Understanding Diverse Digital Health Initiatives: The heart of our exploration lies in unraveling the complexities and nuances inherent in these digital health platforms. The central question propelling our investigation is whether meaningful and feasible comparisons can be drawn between these platforms and their Chinese counterparts. The challenge lies in discerning whether these platforms are comparable or inherently diverse, and to what extent their impact on the healthcare system aligns with the transformative influence witnessed in China.

As we embark on this comparative analysis, we recognize that each platform carries a unique imprint influenced by cultural, regulatory, and societal factors. Our goal is not just to list features but to understand the deeper narrative – the stories each platform tells about the intersection of technology and healthcare in their respective regions.

Government Policies and Healthcare Transformation: Parallel to our exploration of digital health platforms, we are keenly interested in understanding how the respective governments in these Asian countries are aligning their healthcare policies with the emergence of these digital platforms. The interaction between governmental strategies and digital healthcare initiatives plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall healthcare landscape.

By unraveling these connections, we aim to provide a comprehensive framework for analyzing the evolving landscape of digital healthcare ecosystems across diverse Asian contexts. How do governmental policies catalyze or inhibit the growth of digital health platforms? What role do these platforms play in achieving broader healthcare goals set by the governments? These questions form the cornerstone of our investigation, leading us to a deeper understanding of the intricate interplay between policy-making and digital health innovation.

Implications for European Healthcare Innovation: The insights gained from our exploration of Asian digital healthcare ecosystems carry profound implications for our own journey in developing a digital health solution for the European market. While the cultural and regulatory contexts may differ, the underlying principles of innovation, collaboration, and transformative impact are universal.

Our project becomes a global conversation, bridging insights from Asia to Europe. By drawing inspiration from diverse digital health initiatives and understanding the contextual factors influencing their trajectories, we position ourselves to navigate the intricacies of European healthcare innovation with a richer, more informed perspective.

an image visualizing the integration of materials science into MedTech and sustainable healthcare practices. The image should showcase a fusion
MedTech and Healthcare Innovations

Crafting the Future of Digital Healthcare in Europe - Asana Mastery Project


Your consultancy team is embarking on a groundbreaking digital healthcare innovation project aimed at addressing a specific need identified through comprehensive research of leading digital healthcare apps in China and India. Drawing inspiration from the success stories of apps such as Alihealth, Ping An's Good Doctor, Tencent's WeDoctor in China, and Prato, 1MG, Halodoc, and Alodokter in India and Indonesia, the objective is to develop a cutting-edge app tailored for the European market.

Context and Understanding: 

In-depth analysis of the Asian digital healthcare landscape reveals a surge in popularity and efficacy of apps that seamlessly integrate technology with healthcare services. These platforms have revolutionized healthcare accessibility, providing users with convenient and personalized solutions. Learning from the successes and challenges faced by Alihealth, Ping An's Good Doctor, Tencent's WeDoctor, Prato, 1MG, Halodoc, and Alodokter, the consultancy team aims to adapt and enhance these learnings for the European market.

Problem Statement: 

The European market, specifically targeting tech-savvy individuals aged 18 to 40, lacks a comprehensive digital healthcare app that effectively caters to the unique health and well-being needs of this demographic. The identified problem revolves around the absence of a centralized, user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates health-related services, data, and engagement opportunities tailored to the European context. (Usually in design-thinking approach, such a problem statement is formed after multiple interviews with personas and experts, then analyzing the results and then formulating the problem statement and the scope to be addressed)

Market Insights: 

Understanding the dynamics of the European market is crucial. Europe's diverse healthcare systems, cultural nuances, and varying levels of tech adoption necessitate a nuanced approach. Research indicates that individuals aged 18 to 40 in Europe exhibit a keen interest in technology-driven solutions for managing their health and well-being. This demographic values convenience, personalized experiences, and proactive health management.

Innovation Target: 

The objective is not merely to replicate existing solutions but to innovate and tailor the app for the European market. The innovation should focus on providing personalized health insights, integrating holistic well-being features, and fostering a sense of community engagement. The goal is to develop an app that resonates with the lifestyle and preferences of the target demographic, encouraging them to actively participate in their health and well-being journey.

Key Features to Explore:

  1. Personalized Health Insights: Incorporate AI-driven features that provide personalized health recommendations based on individual health data and preferences.

  2. Holistic Well-being Services: Expand beyond traditional healthcare services to include features that promote mental well-being, fitness, nutrition, and preventive care.

  3. Community Engagement: Foster a sense of community through forums, challenges, and social features, encouraging users to share experiences and support each other.

This exercise will guide you in utilizing Asana to manage and collaborate on the intricacies of this innovative digital health project, ensuring that the final product aligns with European market needs and the expectations of the targeted persona.

realistic portrayal of a woman wearing smart textiles for personalized healthcare, with the textiles glowing in various colors.

As we dive into this Asana Mastery Project, imagine your consultancy team as pioneers charting new territories in the realm of Wellbe, our innovative digital health solution. Before embarking on this adventure, ensure you've set up your Asana account (trial version) – your canvas for collaboration and innovation. Now, let's unveil the first step that will be the heartbeat of our digital health revolution.

Step 1 - Create a Project: Crafting the Wellbe Ecosystem

In the heart of our ambitious endeavor lies the creation of the digital canvas that will house the dreams, aspirations, and tasks driving the development of Wellbe. Your first mission: Create a project in Asana that bears the name "Digital Health Innovation: Wellbe." This project isn't just a virtual space; it's the nucleus of our collaborative efforts, the place where ideas will spark, innovation will flourish, and Wellbe will take shape.

Engaging Details:

Imagine this project as a bustling town square, where every task, idea, and milestone related to Wellbe converges. It's more than a mere organizational tool; it's the heartbeat of our digital health innovation journey. As you embark on creating this project, think of it as laying the foundations for a thriving ecosystem.

In this Wellbe-centric universe, tasks will align like puzzle pieces, forming a mosaic of progress. Your chosen project name, "Digital Health Innovation: Wellbe," encapsulates the essence of our mission – infusing innovation into every digital heartbeat of Wellbe. It's not just a name; it's a declaration of our commitment to transforming healthcare experiences in Europe.


As you create this pivotal project, envision it as the epicenter of collaboration. Click on the "+" icon in Asana, choose "Project," and give life to our digital realm. Name it with pride, as it signifies the beginning of something extraordinary – the development of Wellbe, the future of digital healthcare in Europe.

Once the project is created, let its virtual walls echo with your team's enthusiasm, ambitions, and collaborative spirit. Every task, conversation, and milestone within this project will be a building block for Wellbe's success. So, let's embark on this first step with eagerness, for within this project lies the potential to reshape the healthcare landscape. The journey has just begun, and Wellbe awaits its digital metamorphosis in our dedicated Asana project space. Onward!

Step 2 - Define Project Sections: Crafting Development Phases

As we sculpt the blueprint of our digital health innovation project, the next crucial step is to define the project sections – the chapters that will narrate the story of Wellbe's evolution. Your mission: Establish these sections with intentionality, creating a roadmap that guides our team seamlessly through the stages of development.

Engaging Details:

Think of project sections not merely as organizational dividers but as thematic acts in a play. Each section, from Research to Testing, unfolds a distinctive facet of Wellbe's journey. Picture it as a series of interconnected scenes, where the narrative of innovation unfolds organically. These sections are the backstage passages guiding us through the transformative process of creating a digital health solution.


Navigate to our newly created project "Digital Health Innovation: Wellbe" on Asana, and let the magic begin. Click on the "+" icon, select "Section," and breathe life into each phase of development. Whether it's the investigative ambiance of Research or the meticulous craftsmanship of Testing, these sections are our digital stage sets, ready to host the unfolding drama of Wellbe's creation.

Once our project sections stand tall, envision them as chapters waiting to be written, each with its own set of tasks, challenges, and triumphs. The canvas is set; let the structured workflow commence.

Step 3 - Task Creation: Breathing Life into Wellbe's Journey

With the sections in place, we now embark on the exhilarating task of breathing life into each developmental stage. Your mission: Populate these chapters with individual tasks, each representing a pivotal step in the creation of Wellbe. Think of tasks as characters in our story, each contributing to the narrative arc that leads to the grand finale.

Engaging Details:

Consider each task as a protagonist with a unique role – Market Research, User Persona Development, Wireframing, App Development, Testing – each contributing to the plot in its own distinct way. It's not just about completing tasks; it's about infusing life and purpose into every step of Wellbe's digital journey.

Instructions: Click on the section that corresponds to the phase of development you're diving into, and with the "+ Task" button, bring our characters to life. Assign each task to a team member, set due dates that align with the rhythm of our overall timeline, and craft detailed task descriptions that serve as scripts for successful execution.

As you embark on this task creation process, visualize the project sections as stages awaiting the arrival of their performers. These tasks aren't checkboxes; they're protagonists in Wellbe's digital story, ready to take center stage and make a lasting impact.

Step 4 - Task Dependencies: Orchestrating a Seamless Symphony

In the grand symphony of Wellbe's development, the harmony lies in understanding the dependencies between tasks. Your mission: Identify these interconnected threads and use Asana's dependency feature to orchestrate a seamless composition, ensuring that each note is played in perfect order.

Engaging Details: Think of task dependencies as musical notes – each contributing to the overall melody. Identifying these dependencies is akin to discovering the rhythm of Wellbe's creation. As each task is completed, it sets the stage for the next, creating a symphony of progress.


Navigate to the tasks you've created and identify relationships that form the backbone of Wellbe's development. Use Asana's dependency feature to link tasks, creating a logical order that mirrors the natural flow of innovation. Whether it's the melody of Market Research paving the way for User Persona Development or the crescendo of Wireframing leading to App Development, dependencies ensure a harmonious progression.

As you set up these dependencies, visualize the development process not as a linear path but as a dynamic composition where each task plays its part, contributing to the grand opus that is Wellbe. The result? A seamlessly orchestrated digital health solution that resonates with the rhythm of success. Onward to the next act!

Step 5 - Attachments and Collaboration: Cultivating a Creative Hub

In the expansive canvas of Wellbe's development, collaboration is the heartbeat that fuels innovation. Your mission: Transform the project into a vibrant hub by attaching relevant files and fostering collaboration through thoughtful communication.

Engaging Details: Consider each task not as a solitary island but as a collaborative canvas waiting to be adorned. Attach research findings, wireframes, and any visual or informational gems to their corresponding tasks. Picture this process as decorating a communal workspace where team members can immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of insights, sparking creativity and collaboration.

Instructions: Encourage your team to infuse life into tasks by attaching files that tell a visual story. Click on the paperclip icon, attach relevant documents, and bring each task to life. But the journey doesn't end there – foster a culture of collaboration by prompting team members to comment on tasks. Let these comments be the vibrant dialogues that shape Wellbe's evolution. Updates, insights, and collaborative discussions will weave together to form the intricate fabric of our digital health solution.

Step 6 - Project Timeline: Navigating the Chronology of Innovation

In this phase, we set sail on the chronological journey of Wellbe's innovation, utilizing Asana's Timeline view as our guiding compass. Your mission: Orchestrate a harmonious schedule aligned with project milestones, visualizing the timeline as a dynamic score that ensures each task contributes seamlessly to Wellbe's composition.

Engaging Details:

Envision the Timeline view as a musical score, with each task representing a note that contributes to the evolving melody of Wellbe. This isn't merely a chronological sequence; it's a visual representation of the symphony of innovation. Each milestone is a crescendo, and each task, a carefully crafted note, contributes to the rhythmic development of Wellbe.


Navigate to the "Timeline" view in Asana and witness the unfolding of Wellbe's journey in chronological order. Drag and drop tasks, adjusting the rhythm to align with the overarching project milestones. This visual representation isn't just for aesthetics; it's a strategic tool to ensure that the development of Wellbe follows a logical and timely progression. Let the timeline be the conductor that orchestrates the harmony of tasks, ensuring they play their part in the grand composition.

Step 7 - Custom Fields: Tailoring Wellbe's Priorities

As we delve deeper into the intricacies of Wellbe's creation, customization becomes our ally. Your mission: Add custom fields to tasks, such as Priority and User Impact, to tailor task significance. Engage the team in discussions on how these custom fields bring clarity and focus to the innovation process.

Engaging Details:

Custom fields are the tailors of our digital realm, refining the significance of each task. Imagine them as threads that weave through the fabric of Wellbe, enhancing its texture and emphasizing key aspects. Priority becomes the stitch that accentuates urgency, and User Impact, the embroidery that highlights the significance to our target audience.


Enhance the task profiles within our project by incorporating custom fields. Click on the task, select "Custom Fields," and tailor them to reflect Priority, User Impact, or any other relevant parameters. The result is a nuanced understanding of each task's importance within the broader context of Wellbe's creation. Engage the team in discussions to ensure a unified understanding of these customized priorities, creating a shared vision for the project.

Step 8 - Task Assignments and Workload: Balancing the Symphony of Contributions

As we progress, the distribution of tasks becomes a delicate balance, much like a symphony of contributions. Your mission: Assign tasks judiciously, balancing expertise and workload. Utilize Asana's workload feature to create a symphony of contributions that harmonize seamlessly.

Engaging Details:

Think of task assignments as casting roles in a grand production. Each team member contributes their unique expertise, creating a symphony where strengths complement each other. The workload feature in Asana becomes our conductor's baton, ensuring that no section of the orchestra is overburdened. It's about creating an environment where each team member's expertise resonates, contributing to the overall harmony of Wellbe's development.


Navigate to the workload view in Asana and distribute tasks among team members based on their expertise and availability. The goal is to achieve a balanced workload, preventing burnout and fostering a collaborative environment. Task assignments are not mere responsibilities; they are opportunities for team members to shine in their respective roles, contributing to the collective success of Wellbe.

Step 9 - Automation Rules: Orchestrating Consistency

In the intricate dance of Wellbe's creation, automation rules emerge as the choreographers ensuring consistency and efficiency. Your mission: Create automation rules that streamline updates, ensuring a flawless performance. Engage the team in discussions on how automation rules facilitate consistency and efficiency in our digital health innovation journey.

Engaging Details:

Automation rules are the silent performers backstage, ensuring that the spotlight remains on creativity and innovation. Visualize them as choreographed routines that eliminate repetitive tasks, allowing our team to focus on the artistic aspects of Wellbe's development. Whether it's updating task statuses or sending reminders, automation rules ensure a synchronized performance.


Navigate to the automation rules section in Asana and craft rules that align with our workflow. From updating task statuses based on dependencies to sending reminders for upcoming milestones, let automation be the invisible hand that guides the team. Engage the team in understanding how these rules enhance consistency, eliminate manual redundancies, and contribute to the overall efficiency of Wellbe's creation.

Step 10 - Conceptualization and Prototyping Overview: A Visual and Iterative Approach

In the expansive field of digital health innovation, the journey of conceptualization and prototyping serves as the artistic canvas where ideas take shape. Your mission: Define core features, functionalities, and user experience, utilizing graphical tools for visual representation during prototyping.

Engaging Details:

Consider the conceptualization and prototyping phase as the artistic genesis of Wellbe. Utilize graphical tools like MockFlow, Balsamiq, Figma, or Adobe XD to visually represent core features and functionalities. Emphasize the iterative nature of feedback, ensuring the prototype aligns seamlessly with the dynamic needs and preferences of the targeted persona.


Gather the team for a collaborative session where ideas flow freely. Utilize graphical tools to create wireframes and prototypes, translating abstract concepts into visual representations. Encourage feedback and iteration, understanding that this phase is not just about features but also about crafting an intuitive and user-centric experience.

The conceptualization and prototyping phase are where the visionary ideas crystallize into tangible digital realities. Embrace the creative energy of the team, fostering an environment where innovation thrives, and the prototype becomes a manifestation of Wellbe's potential.

Discussions on Saturday Workshop: A Collaborative Showcase

The culmination of our collective efforts deserves a grand celebration and reflection. Your mission: Host a Saturday workshop, a collaborative showcase where the team discusses challenges, insights, and the transformative power of innovative thinking.

Engaging Details:

Imagine the Saturday workshop as a collective showcase of our journey presenting ideas and collaborating efforts in a discussion approach. Blend market research, persona interviews, global expert insights, and practical exercises on Asana to foster innovation in crafting a digital health solution for Europe.


Coordinate with the team to organize a collaborative workshop where each member shares their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Utilize the Asana platform to showcase the evolution of Wellbe, from ideation to prototyping. Engage in insightful discussions that transcend individual tasks, reflecting on the transformative power of collective innovation.

The Saturday workshop becomes a testament to our collaborative spirit, a showcase of the resilience and creativity embedded in each task, comment, and milestone. It's not just an event; it's a celebration of the journey that culminates in the transformative power of Wellbe – a digital health solution poised to make a significant impact in Europe. Onward to a new era of healthcare innovation!

In undertaking this Asana Mastery Project, we have embarked on a transformative journey beyond project management through crafting of the Wellbe Ecosystem. Participation in the Asana Mastery Project within the SkillShift Innovation program yields invaluable benefits for our trainees, beyond traditional project management experiences. As they delve into the intricacies of crafting the Wellbe Ecosystem, trainees gain a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge project management tools like Asana.

Beyond skill acquisition, the exercise serves as a hands-on exploration of collaboration, innovation, and strategic planning, offering trainees a real-world application of theoretical concepts. The creation of Wellbe within the Asana framework becomes a tangible showcase of their ability to transform ideas into actionable plans, fostering a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Moreover, the exercise cultivates a collaborative mindset, honing their ability to work seamlessly in a team, share insights, and collectively tackle challenges.

As the trainees progress through this journey, the outtakes extend beyond the immediate project – they lay the foundation for a skill set that is not just limited to project management but is transferable to various facets of their professional careers. Experiencial learning becomes a pivotal element in the SkillShift Innovation program, empowering trainees with practical skills, collaborative prowess, and a mindset geared towards driving transformative change in the evolving landscape of digital health innovation, setting the stage for future endeavors where innovation and collaboration become synonymous with success.

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